6 Things that Ensure You have a Wedding You’ll Always Remember

Most people believe that since a wedding is such an important day to any couple, it automatically becomes memorable to them. We think otherwise! Here are 6 things that actually help you make your special day memorable.

Hire a Competent Planner Who can Take All the Work Out of Your Shoulders

To make sure you are hiring the right person for the job of a wedding planner, take your time deciding on one. Have a list of candidates and take your time talking to them. The more comfortable you are, and the more confident you of their skills, the less nervous you are going to be as your wedding day approaches. This inevitably helps you to relax on the actual day and enjoy every moment of it; helping you create memories that will stick.

Find a Venue that’s Special and Easy to Access

The venue of your vows and reception is very important, not only because it is the foundation of a successful event, but also because it helps you make memories, especially if you’re going to be taking pictures. There are plenty of Melbourne wedding venues for you to choose from. So take your time to decide on one that is perfect for photographs and easily accessible. You do not want your guests to get lost on the way to the venue, or worse, for the wedding party to be late due to traffic!

Pick Clothes that You can have Fun in

Yes, we understand that the bride and groom have to look their best on their wedding day. But it is not necessary for you to feel weighed down by an impossibly heavy dress or extremely uncomfortable suit in order to look your best. Choose a dress that you can dance in and easily walk around, mingling with the guests of your party. Grooms often make the bad decision of buying stylish yet painful shoes; another faux pas to avoid!

Pick a Date Suitable for all those who are Vital to be With You on Your Day

Yes, this day is all about the two of you, and we’ll never deny it. But you’ll never be truly happy looking back on this day unless everyone you love is present and around you on that day. Therefore, make sure you consult those whose presence is vital to you before you set your date. Be warned though; you can’t satisfy everyone, so set a day that is convenient for the majority.

Stick to What Makes You and Your Soon-To-Be-Spouse Happy

Like we mentioned above, you cannot please or satisfy everyone; so don’t bother trying. And even though everyone has their own version of a perfect wedding, constantly remind yourself that this is your wedding, yours and your fiancé’s¾so it’s your dream version of this wedding that should take wings.

Pick a Photographer who will Photograph Exactly what You Want to Remember

Try as you might, there are going to be certain parts of your wedding that are slightly hazy to the memory when you look back on the day. This is where a good photographer comes to use. Make sure to hire the best available photographer, and then to let them know exactly what to look out for during the wedding to have photographed. Don’t forget to get those photos printed out!

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