The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Wedding Day

If your big day is around the corner then you might have a lot of mixed feelings because you would be stressed with the wedding planning and running around making sure you are able to execute it just as how you dreamt it and also be super excited about being able to live with the love of your life. So here is the guide who will get you a bit more organized and by the end of it, you will know from where to start it from!

Start with Yourself

Before anything you have to start with yourself, remember it is your wedding day and you need to look your best and also have a peace of mind because you wouldn’t want to be super stressed on the most important day of your life. So start with changing your diet to a healthier one, it should be rich in vitamins and proteins. Stay away from anything that is fried and start working out. This way you will be in better shape and also have a clear looking skin. You should also drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. So when you go out for wedding shopping, make sure you carry a big bottle of water for yourself. Both bride and groom need to go for salon cleanups, the deep cleaning will ensure that you won’t wake up with a huge zit on the big day. Make sure you have a good sleep, it might be impossible if the workload is a lot but you have to think about yourself first. Lastly, start your shopping two months prior and two weeks before the wedding do a trial of all the outfits to make sure they all fit you perfectly to avoid rushing to tailors the last moment!

Work on the Planning

Once you have worked on yourself you could get on the planning process. If you want a great place to have your wedding at then check out marquee hire Sydney. They have different options so be it an indoor wedding or outdoor they have got you all covered. Apart from that, the prices are affordable. If you plan on having multiple functions then you need to pay attention to the menu as well. This is one place where you should not compromise on the quality because poor quality food might make the guest sick. So go for the best caterers and have a different menu in each function. You could also make the food according to the theme of the event. Apart from that organize something which would keep the guests entertained, pick one of your friends to be the host so the guest would get involved. You should also do a dance performance; keep this as a surprise for the better half.

Lastly, select the best cameraman it might be expensive but this will be totally worth it. This is because the memories and the pictures are what that will last all your life, this is one way you could share your special day with the future generations!

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