6 Things that Ensure You have a Wedding You’ll Always Remember

Most people believe that since a wedding is such an important day to any couple, it automatically becomes memorable to them. We think otherwise! Here are 6 things that actually help you make your special day memorable.

Hire a Competent Planner Who can Take All the Work Out of Your Shoulders

To make sure you are hiring the right person for the job of a wedding planner, take your time deciding on one. Have a list of candidates and take your time talking to them. The more comfortable you are, and the more confident you of their skills, the less nervous you are going to be as your wedding day approaches. This inevitably helps you to relax on the actual day and enjoy every moment of it; helping you create memories that will stick.

Find a Venue that’s Special and Easy to Access

The venue of your vows and reception is very important, not only because it is the foundation of a successful event, but also because it helps you make memories, especially if you’re going to be taking pictures. There are plenty of Melbourne wedding venues for you to choose from. So take your time to decide on one that is perfect for photographs and easily accessible. You do not want your guests to get lost on the way to the venue, or worse, for the wedding party to be late due to traffic!

Pick Clothes that You can have Fun in

Yes, we understand that the bride and groom have to look their best on their wedding day. But it is not necessary for you to feel weighed down by an impossibly heavy dress or extremely uncomfortable suit in order to look your best. Choose a dress that you can dance in and easily walk around, mingling with the guests of your party. Grooms often make the bad decision of buying stylish yet painful shoes; another faux pas to avoid!

Pick a Date Suitable for all those who are Vital to be With You on Your Day

Yes, this day is all about the two of you, and we’ll never deny it. But you’ll never be truly happy looking back on this day unless everyone you love is present and around you on that day. Therefore, make sure you consult those whose presence is vital to you before you set your date. Be warned though; you can’t satisfy everyone, so set a day that is convenient for the majority.

Stick to What Makes You and Your Soon-To-Be-Spouse Happy

Like we mentioned above, you cannot please or satisfy everyone; so don’t bother trying. And even though everyone has their own version of a perfect wedding, constantly remind yourself that this is your wedding, yours and your fiancé’s¾so it’s your dream version of this wedding that should take wings.

Pick a Photographer who will Photograph Exactly what You Want to Remember

Try as you might, there are going to be certain parts of your wedding that are slightly hazy to the memory when you look back on the day. This is where a good photographer comes to use. Make sure to hire the best available photographer, and then to let them know exactly what to look out for during the wedding to have photographed. Don’t forget to get those photos printed out!

The impact of counselling for various issues of the society

There was a time in history when the world was so immature and shallow to discard mental health issues. The people who claimed to have these were either treated with electroshock therapy or they were simply not treated at all. But in this 21st century, the importance given to the mental health is immense. There are many ways how typical mental health issues can be treated. In the list, the efficiency of counselling has been proven to be quite amazing as long as delivered by a qualified and experienced person. Hence, assuming that you will be able to hire a skilled professional, here are some of the society’s burning issues that can be remotely resolved with the intervention of a skilled counselor.

  • When you’re just about to get married

We all know how easy it is to fall in love and how hard it is to stay in love and protect what you have with you. The same theory applies to the marriage as well. But the seriousness of it is a little bit higher. That’s due to the presence of many legal matters. However, no matter what the problematic situation that you’re facing on your own or as a couple, reaching out to a pre marriage counselling singapore centre would be the reason why you get to save your marriage. Because with the intervention of a third party, you would have that voice to discuss issues that you can’t on your own.

  • When you’re overseas

Why would you want to hire a professional from the country you’re from when it is likely to find a counsellor from the country you’re currently at? That is a question of national connection if you may. Because the thing is that, various issues can be addressed overseas by the help of a skilled expat counsellor singapore while making you feel at home. That way, you won’t have to familiarize yourself with people from a country that you’re not familiar with at all.

  • When you’re battling depressing

Depression is a very real thing and you should pray that those who claim that it isn’t don’t end with it so that they would know it too. The reason why depression is so unique in this list is since most of the time, it is an accumulation of all these tedious feelings that come together to make something as bad as thing. Initially, you might think that heavy mental tranquilizers can be used to calm your nerves down but for how long? Instead, you should start untangling everything with the help of an understanding counsellor, because that is the best way out of the mess.



The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Wedding Day

If your big day is around the corner then you might have a lot of mixed feelings because you would be stressed with the wedding planning and running around making sure you are able to execute it just as how you dreamt it and also be super excited about being able to live with the love of your life. So here is the guide who will get you a bit more organized and by the end of it, you will know from where to start it from!

Start with Yourself

Before anything you have to start with yourself, remember it is your wedding day and you need to look your best and also have a peace of mind because you wouldn’t want to be super stressed on the most important day of your life. So start with changing your diet to a healthier one, it should be rich in vitamins and proteins. Stay away from anything that is fried and start working out. This way you will be in better shape and also have a clear looking skin. You should also drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. So when you go out for wedding shopping, make sure you carry a big bottle of water for yourself. Both bride and groom need to go for salon cleanups, the deep cleaning will ensure that you won’t wake up with a huge zit on the big day. Make sure you have a good sleep, it might be impossible if the workload is a lot but you have to think about yourself first. Lastly, start your shopping two months prior and two weeks before the wedding do a trial of all the outfits to make sure they all fit you perfectly to avoid rushing to tailors the last moment!

Work on the Planning

Once you have worked on yourself you could get on the planning process. If you want a great place to have your wedding at then check out marquee hire Sydney. They have different options so be it an indoor wedding or outdoor they have got you all covered. Apart from that, the prices are affordable. If you plan on having multiple functions then you need to pay attention to the menu as well. This is one place where you should not compromise on the quality because poor quality food might make the guest sick. So go for the best caterers and have a different menu in each function. You could also make the food according to the theme of the event. Apart from that organize something which would keep the guests entertained, pick one of your friends to be the host so the guest would get involved. You should also do a dance performance; keep this as a surprise for the better half.

Lastly, select the best cameraman it might be expensive but this will be totally worth it. This is because the memories and the pictures are what that will last all your life, this is one way you could share your special day with the future generations!