Sending good wishes florally – the new trend

How to send good wishes to someone you love? Of course, it is the best if you could go, meet and hug that person with full of love and warmth if you have the possibility. But, what if you don’t? Yes, then you send them your good wishes in some other way. May be a greeting card? May be a flower bouquet? Or may be a simple gift? It is up to you. But if you liked the flowery option, this article is for you, and read on.

Flowers are a symbol of freshness and love always needs this freshness in it. May it be one flower that you are considering about, may it be a bunch- that equally carries a lot of love in it. So, passing your good wishes florally is a new trend now, and the availability of large numbers of floral suppliers who facilitate online transactions and then delivery as well, has made thousands of people to send good wishes with less hassle, and yes, quite cheaply.

So, what are the best flowers to send in terms of good wishes? Yeah, as you know flowers and the colors of them have different meanings and purposes. As in red roses- for love, yellow ones for friendship and white- for sympathies and apologies. How about good wishes then?

Tulips – with pure love

Sending good wishes via a bunch of tulips may look really rich and classy. With pink tulips singapore, you may always pass your love and affection to your loved ones in a very beautiful way. These special kind of flowers do carry their own shape, and this is the most magnificent thing about them. Tulips can’t be identified as too romantic, too elegant or too big or small, but just that they are perfect, and right. This is why people consider this beautiful flower to be their all-time favorite.

Lilies – with devotion

Who said lilies are just for funerals or to showcase sympathies? They could also send good wishes. This is why the purple lilies exist for, and most of us are less aware about it. You also have yellow lilies that symbolizes thankfulness and also the orange ones which are to denote wealth, pride and also strong confidence.

Daffodils – with new hopes

So, then you have daffodils. They always linked with the name of the spring- which means rebirth. This is exactly why daffodils are best suited for a well-wishing because they mean joy, and a new beginning. They are also always liked with positivity and have the feeling of refreshing souls a big time.



How to Prepare for an Outdoor Wedding?

Planning an outdoor wedding can be quite exciting especially since you can do so many things to make your venue super beautiful for your special day. There are a few extra factors that you will need to consider and pay extra attention to when doing this but when everything is done, your wedding will look absolutely gorgeous in the backdrop of nature.

There are many advantages to choosing an outdoor venue than doing one indoors; one of the main ones is the use of natural light. There are no lights in the world that can make you look as flattering as when you are in natural light, especially for photographs which are an absolutely important part of the wedding.

So without a doubt you can be guaranteed that you will have the most beautiful pictures with perfect lighting. Another advantage is decorations, which can look so bright and filled up and not dull at any point. This is because there is always the element of nature in the backdrop making everything so beautiful. Anyway, below are some useful things to keep in mind for that outdoor wedding:

Choose your Venue Carefully

You must be very picky when choosing a venue for an outdoor wedding as this is the main component of the whole wedding. To get a good marquee, you can easily contact wedding marquee hire Canberra and choose the most appropriate one that will match the colours or theme of the wedding. White is the most commonly used colour for this, mainly because in a backdrop of green, the colour white truly stands out and brightens everything, also it is the colour of weddings! Make sure the venue you choose is not in a dusty or windy area that could really hinder the event, also make sure you don’t pick a muddy area especially wearing a white gown the brown mud would not look good on it.

The Weather is not your Best Friend

No matter how much you prepare by choosing the perfect sunny day for your wedding, the weather is always unpredictable and changes instantly. To avoid any surprise showers of rain or gusts of wind that could threaten to ruin your beautiful day, make sure to prepare for any type of weather. It could be rainy, sunny, wet, foggy, or windy and all you have to do is prep yourself with essentials and prep your wedding party as well. In this way, if something goes horribly wrong with the weather, you won’t be surprised.

Your Hair and Shoes are Very Important

Another very important yet forgotten thing about outdoor weddings and the bride in particular is the hairstyle and the type of shoes worn by the bride and the bridal group. If you are having an outdoor wedding, stilettos is probably not the best idea unless the ground has some sort of rock tiles – highly unlikely – stilettos can get quite messy when mixed with grass and mud. The hairstyle you choose for that day should be windproof and should not be easily messed up. Make sure to have enough hairspray on so that your hair behaves.