How well do you know yoga?

Where did yoga origin?

Yoga has its roots in India and dates back to as far as sixth and fifth century BC. The objective of yoga is to connect the body, mind and soul to perform at itsbest, the spirituality of the sais practice has greatly influenced it as a way of life in ancient India, this aspect of yoga is lost in the western approach to it as they view yoga more as its obvious attributes, which is as a form of exercise.

When was yoga introduced to the western countries?

This was first introduced by Swami Vivekananda in the 19thcentury by conducted public and private classes to the westerners who were eager to learn this form of meditation/ exercise. The introduction of yoga was a part of swami Vivekananda’s agenda to open the gates of the diverse Indian culture to the rest of the world. He greatly influenced the nationalism of his own country and was a humanitarian who worked to uplift the unity of the different faiths. It is a complete an enjoyment to live your life. If you do as entertainment then you don’t feel like a burden.

For what age groups is yoga most suited?

Yoga is for anybody from all age groups and is believed to be a great source of exercise during rehabilitation form toxicities, pregnancy and more over as a physical therapy among the senior age groups.

What is the most appropriate place to perform yoga?

It is fair to say that yoga is astate of mind so it really does not matter where and what time you do it, what is important is your intention to meditate and disconnect form your material life for least a half hours, some prefer it in the quietness of their house or by the crashing of the waves. Either way if you have the right clothes on you are bound to enjoy those minutes of disconnect.

All countries including yoga apparel Australia have many companies that design and produce suitable active wear such as high waisted tights, breathable tank tops and crop tops for the benefit of its yoga following community.

What is ‘’referred’’ to as an asana in yoga terms?

Asana in Sanskrit is ‘’position. This is the position in which meditation was done for the most but asana does not necessarily refer to a seated position. There are many varied positions in yoga, below are a few are then names of few:

Baddhakonasana- Bound angle, Cobbler’s pose, a sitting position

Adho mukhasvanasana- downward facing dog, a standing position

Adho mukhavrksasana-Downward-Facing Tree/Yoga Handstand, a balancing position

Makarasana- crocodile, a reclining position

Pasasana- noose, a squatting position

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