6 Things that Ensure You have a Wedding You’ll Always Remember

Most people believe that since a wedding is such an important day to any couple, it automatically becomes memorable to them. We think otherwise! Here are 6 things that actually help you make your special day memorable.

Hire a Competent Planner Who can Take All the Work Out of Your Shoulders

To make sure you are hiring the right person for the job of a wedding planner, take your time deciding on one. Have a list of candidates and take your time talking to them. The more comfortable you are, and the more confident you of their skills, the less nervous you are going to be as your wedding day approaches. This inevitably helps you to relax on the actual day and enjoy every moment of it; helping you create memories that will stick.

Find a Venue that’s Special and Easy to Access

The venue of your vows and reception is very important, not only because it is the foundation of a successful event, but also because it helps you make memories, especially if you’re going to be taking pictures. There are plenty of Melbourne wedding venues for you to choose from. So take your time to decide on one that is perfect for photographs and easily accessible. You do not want your guests to get lost on the way to the venue, or worse, for the wedding party to be late due to traffic!

Pick Clothes that You can have Fun in

Yes, we understand that the bride and groom have to look their best on their wedding day. But it is not necessary for you to feel weighed down by an impossibly heavy dress or extremely uncomfortable suit in order to look your best. Choose a dress that you can dance in and easily walk around, mingling with the guests of your party. Grooms often make the bad decision of buying stylish yet painful shoes; another faux pas to avoid!

Pick a Date Suitable for all those who are Vital to be With You on Your Day

Yes, this day is all about the two of you, and we’ll never deny it. But you’ll never be truly happy looking back on this day unless everyone you love is present and around you on that day. Therefore, make sure you consult those whose presence is vital to you before you set your date. Be warned though; you can’t satisfy everyone, so set a day that is convenient for the majority.

Stick to What Makes You and Your Soon-To-Be-Spouse Happy

Like we mentioned above, you cannot please or satisfy everyone; so don’t bother trying. And even though everyone has their own version of a perfect wedding, constantly remind yourself that this is your wedding, yours and your fiancé’s¾so it’s your dream version of this wedding that should take wings.

Pick a Photographer who will Photograph Exactly what You Want to Remember

Try as you might, there are going to be certain parts of your wedding that are slightly hazy to the memory when you look back on the day. This is where a good photographer comes to use. Make sure to hire the best available photographer, and then to let them know exactly what to look out for during the wedding to have photographed. Don’t forget to get those photos printed out!

The impact of counselling for various issues of the society

There was a time in history when the world was so immature and shallow to discard mental health issues. The people who claimed to have these were either treated with electroshock therapy or they were simply not treated at all. But in this 21st century, the importance given to the mental health is immense. There are many ways how typical mental health issues can be treated. In the list, the efficiency of counselling has been proven to be quite amazing as long as delivered by a qualified and experienced person. Hence, assuming that you will be able to hire a skilled professional, here are some of the society’s burning issues that can be remotely resolved with the intervention of a skilled counselor.

  • When you’re just about to get married

We all know how easy it is to fall in love and how hard it is to stay in love and protect what you have with you. The same theory applies to the marriage as well. But the seriousness of it is a little bit higher. That’s due to the presence of many legal matters. However, no matter what the problematic situation that you’re facing on your own or as a couple, reaching out to a pre marriage counselling singapore centre would be the reason why you get to save your marriage. Because with the intervention of a third party, you would have that voice to discuss issues that you can’t on your own.

  • When you’re overseas

Why would you want to hire a professional from the country you’re from when it is likely to find a counsellor from the country you’re currently at? That is a question of national connection if you may. Because the thing is that, various issues can be addressed overseas by the help of a skilled expat counsellor singapore while making you feel at home. That way, you won’t have to familiarize yourself with people from a country that you’re not familiar with at all.

  • When you’re battling depressing

Depression is a very real thing and you should pray that those who claim that it isn’t don’t end with it so that they would know it too. The reason why depression is so unique in this list is since most of the time, it is an accumulation of all these tedious feelings that come together to make something as bad as thing. Initially, you might think that heavy mental tranquilizers can be used to calm your nerves down but for how long? Instead, you should start untangling everything with the help of an understanding counsellor, because that is the best way out of the mess.



The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Wedding Day

If your big day is around the corner then you might have a lot of mixed feelings because you would be stressed with the wedding planning and running around making sure you are able to execute it just as how you dreamt it and also be super excited about being able to live with the love of your life. So here is the guide who will get you a bit more organized and by the end of it, you will know from where to start it from!

Start with Yourself

Before anything you have to start with yourself, remember it is your wedding day and you need to look your best and also have a peace of mind because you wouldn’t want to be super stressed on the most important day of your life. So start with changing your diet to a healthier one, it should be rich in vitamins and proteins. Stay away from anything that is fried and start working out. This way you will be in better shape and also have a clear looking skin. You should also drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. So when you go out for wedding shopping, make sure you carry a big bottle of water for yourself. Both bride and groom need to go for salon cleanups, the deep cleaning will ensure that you won’t wake up with a huge zit on the big day. Make sure you have a good sleep, it might be impossible if the workload is a lot but you have to think about yourself first. Lastly, start your shopping two months prior and two weeks before the wedding do a trial of all the outfits to make sure they all fit you perfectly to avoid rushing to tailors the last moment!

Work on the Planning

Once you have worked on yourself you could get on the planning process. If you want a great place to have your wedding at then check out marquee hire Sydney. They have different options so be it an indoor wedding or outdoor they have got you all covered. Apart from that, the prices are affordable. If you plan on having multiple functions then you need to pay attention to the menu as well. This is one place where you should not compromise on the quality because poor quality food might make the guest sick. So go for the best caterers and have a different menu in each function. You could also make the food according to the theme of the event. Apart from that organize something which would keep the guests entertained, pick one of your friends to be the host so the guest would get involved. You should also do a dance performance; keep this as a surprise for the better half.

Lastly, select the best cameraman it might be expensive but this will be totally worth it. This is because the memories and the pictures are what that will last all your life, this is one way you could share your special day with the future generations!

How to Effectively Maintain Weight?

One of the common questions after a successful weight loss program is how to maintain weight. A huge percentage of dieters end up gaining back their pounds after program. There are several reasons that contribute to a regain in weight.

First is the feeling of restriction. People who have undergone extreme calorie restriction often carve for more sugary and high calorie foods due to a shift in their metabolism. The more you think you can’t have that food, the more your brain thinks about it which leads to cravings. Another reason is a wrong mindset about fitness. Thinking about how fitness will benefit your body in the long run is the best way to help maintain your weight. Last one is lack of discipline. Maintaining weight needs discipline and perseverance to keep up the habits that led you to that body. Develop habits and lifestyle changes that can help you achieve and maintain your fitness.

A health retreat Sydney can help you lose, manage and maintain weight after finishing a fitness program. If you’re worried you might gain back the pounds you’ve lost, here are some tips to effectively manage and maintain weight.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is one of the essential factors in maintaining weight. It burns off the excess calories that we intake so it doesn’t form into fats. If you’re maintaining weight, it is recommended to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Also, keep your metabolism up by doing physical activities on some points of the day.

Eat Breakfast

Skipping breakfast leads to weight gain in some people. Those who don’t take their breakfast tend to feel hungrier later in the day and eat more to compensate their skipped meal. Make sure to eat just the right amount of healthy breakfast to fuel your body’s needs. However, if you’re not really a breakfast eater or don’t feel hungry in the morning, you can skip it if you like.

Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Protein-rich foods are perfect for people who want to maintain a healthy weight. It makes you feel fuller and more satisfied after a meal which lessens cravings for snacks or treats. Also, protein helps your body burn more calories since it needs a significant amount of energy for it to get broken down.

Monitor Your Weight

Monitoring your weight helps a lot in maintaining it since you are reminded of your goal everytime you step on the weighing scale. You can also track your fitness progress and immediately act when gaining weight.

Accept Setbacks

Nobody is perfect. Every once in a while, there are cravings too strong that you give in. However, don’t throw everything away after a setback or two. Just make sure to make better choices after a setback to progress on your fitness journey. On holidays or vacations, it’s hard to resist all those sumptuous foods so be prepared and plan ahead on how to eat healthy during these times.

Managing and maintaining weight is challenging. However, if you know well how to handle it, you can actually keep it on for a long time.

Sending good wishes florally – the new trend

How to send good wishes to someone you love? Of course, it is the best if you could go, meet and hug that person with full of love and warmth if you have the possibility. But, what if you don’t? Yes, then you send them your good wishes in some other way. May be a greeting card? May be a flower bouquet? Or may be a simple gift? It is up to you. But if you liked the flowery option, this article is for you, and read on.

Flowers are a symbol of freshness and love always needs this freshness in it. May it be one flower that you are considering about, may it be a bunch- that equally carries a lot of love in it. So, passing your good wishes florally is a new trend now, and the availability of large numbers of floral suppliers who facilitate online transactions and then delivery as well, has made thousands of people to send good wishes with less hassle, and yes, quite cheaply.

So, what are the best flowers to send in terms of good wishes? Yeah, as you know flowers and the colors of them have different meanings and purposes. As in red roses- for love, yellow ones for friendship and white- for sympathies and apologies. How about good wishes then?

Tulips – with pure love

Sending good wishes via a bunch of tulips may look really rich and classy. With pink tulips singapore, you may always pass your love and affection to your loved ones in a very beautiful way. These special kind of flowers do carry their own shape, and this is the most magnificent thing about them. Tulips can’t be identified as too romantic, too elegant or too big or small, but just that they are perfect, and right. This is why people consider this beautiful flower to be their all-time favorite.

Lilies – with devotion

Who said lilies are just for funerals or to showcase sympathies? They could also send good wishes. This is why the purple lilies exist for, and most of us are less aware about it. You also have yellow lilies that symbolizes thankfulness and also the orange ones which are to denote wealth, pride and also strong confidence.

Daffodils – with new hopes

So, then you have daffodils. They always linked with the name of the spring- which means rebirth. This is exactly why daffodils are best suited for a well-wishing because they mean joy, and a new beginning. They are also always liked with positivity and have the feeling of refreshing souls a big time.



How to Prepare for an Outdoor Wedding?

Planning an outdoor wedding can be quite exciting especially since you can do so many things to make your venue super beautiful for your special day. There are a few extra factors that you will need to consider and pay extra attention to when doing this but when everything is done, your wedding will look absolutely gorgeous in the backdrop of nature.

There are many advantages to choosing an outdoor venue than doing one indoors; one of the main ones is the use of natural light. There are no lights in the world that can make you look as flattering as when you are in natural light, especially for photographs which are an absolutely important part of the wedding.

So without a doubt you can be guaranteed that you will have the most beautiful pictures with perfect lighting. Another advantage is decorations, which can look so bright and filled up and not dull at any point. This is because there is always the element of nature in the backdrop making everything so beautiful. Anyway, below are some useful things to keep in mind for that outdoor wedding:

Choose your Venue Carefully

You must be very picky when choosing a venue for an outdoor wedding as this is the main component of the whole wedding. To get a good marquee, you can easily contact wedding marquee hire Canberra and choose the most appropriate one that will match the colours or theme of the wedding. White is the most commonly used colour for this, mainly because in a backdrop of green, the colour white truly stands out and brightens everything, also it is the colour of weddings! Make sure the venue you choose is not in a dusty or windy area that could really hinder the event, also make sure you don’t pick a muddy area especially wearing a white gown the brown mud would not look good on it.

The Weather is not your Best Friend

No matter how much you prepare by choosing the perfect sunny day for your wedding, the weather is always unpredictable and changes instantly. To avoid any surprise showers of rain or gusts of wind that could threaten to ruin your beautiful day, make sure to prepare for any type of weather. It could be rainy, sunny, wet, foggy, or windy and all you have to do is prep yourself with essentials and prep your wedding party as well. In this way, if something goes horribly wrong with the weather, you won’t be surprised.

Your Hair and Shoes are Very Important

Another very important yet forgotten thing about outdoor weddings and the bride in particular is the hairstyle and the type of shoes worn by the bride and the bridal group. If you are having an outdoor wedding, stilettos is probably not the best idea unless the ground has some sort of rock tiles – highly unlikely – stilettos can get quite messy when mixed with grass and mud. The hairstyle you choose for that day should be windproof and should not be easily messed up. Make sure to have enough hairspray on so that your hair behaves.

Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Party

A party is meant to be fun and exciting but sometimes when things in the planning phase go wrong it affects the rest of the event as well. There are so many things that can go wrong when you plan out a party if you are not careful about the organizing that you do. But knowing what these possible issues could be can help you in avoiding them and also allow you to plan and execute a stunning event that will do you proud. Here are some of the most common mistakes that most of us tend to make in party planning and how you can avoid them.

Not Finalizing the Venue Soon Enough

With the upcoming festive season, places to have your party in are going to be really tough to find and book. If you have not already reserved your venue by now you are in for a bit of a stumble anyway. But all hope is not lost. Look for function venues in Melbourne CBD or in any other location that you feel is suitable and make your bookings immediately. Even if this was not the festive season it would be a mistake to wait for the last moment to book a setting or a venue for your event. You should always make all the bookings in advance so that you do not have to deal with last-minute stress.

Not Checking For Accessibility and Parking

When you finalize on a venue you should also make sure that the place has enough parking spots for your guests to park their vehicles at. Imagine the kind of stress and trouble there would be if people came and realized that they have no place to safely park their vehicles? On the other hand accessibility is also equally important. You have to make sure that people can reach there without getting caught in a gridlock or without having to wait for hours on the road. But at the same time it shouldn’t be too far away either. Always think about where your guests are travelling from and book the venue accordingly.

How Is That Budget Doing?

In all of the planning, it is easy to get really excited about the idea and simply overspend. Very soon you will be paying out of money allocated for other expenses and you will get stuck. There are always options for anything today in the budget range that you are comfortable with. It’s just a matter of researching a bit and finding the right one that will work for you. This is why it is important to not skip out on the prep work and start ahead of time. Get quotations or prices from several different places and find the one that fits you the best. If you have to break your bank when you are planning for an event, you are not being wise enough on your spending. Also don’t forget to count in the taxes that may be levied on some services when you make your calculations.

How well do you know yoga?

Where did yoga origin?

Yoga has its roots in India and dates back to as far as sixth and fifth century BC. The objective of yoga is to connect the body, mind and soul to perform at itsbest, the spirituality of the sais practice has greatly influenced it as a way of life in ancient India, this aspect of yoga is lost in the western approach to it as they view yoga more as its obvious attributes, which is as a form of exercise.

When was yoga introduced to the western countries?

This was first introduced by Swami Vivekananda in the 19thcentury by conducted public and private classes to the westerners who were eager to learn this form of meditation/ exercise. The introduction of yoga was a part of swami Vivekananda’s agenda to open the gates of the diverse Indian culture to the rest of the world. He greatly influenced the nationalism of his own country and was a humanitarian who worked to uplift the unity of the different faiths. It is a complete an enjoyment to live your life. If you do as entertainment then you don’t feel like a burden.

For what age groups is yoga most suited?

Yoga is for anybody from all age groups and is believed to be a great source of exercise during rehabilitation form toxicities, pregnancy and more over as a physical therapy among the senior age groups.

What is the most appropriate place to perform yoga?

It is fair to say that yoga is astate of mind so it really does not matter where and what time you do it, what is important is your intention to meditate and disconnect form your material life for least a half hours, some prefer it in the quietness of their house or by the crashing of the waves. Either way if you have the right clothes on you are bound to enjoy those minutes of disconnect.

All countries including yoga apparel Australia have many companies that design and produce suitable active wear such as high waisted tights, breathable tank tops and crop tops for the benefit of its yoga following community.

What is ‘’referred’’ to as an asana in yoga terms?

Asana in Sanskrit is ‘’position. This is the position in which meditation was done for the most but asana does not necessarily refer to a seated position. There are many varied positions in yoga, below are a few are then names of few:

Baddhakonasana- Bound angle, Cobbler’s pose, a sitting position

Adho mukhasvanasana- downward facing dog, a standing position

Adho mukhavrksasana-Downward-Facing Tree/Yoga Handstand, a balancing position

Makarasana- crocodile, a reclining position

Pasasana- noose, a squatting position